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Re: [ee4j-community] Time to play the game?

Hi Mihai,
I share your oppinion and the comments of the other members. Many don't realize, there is no war between
Open Source and the Java EE Standard. Expecially since well known Open Source experts such as
Rod Johnson, Gavin King and others work as Spec Leads inside the Java EE Expert Group.
We all work in a successive string of innovations learning from each other.
Best Regards,
Gesendet: Freitag, 03. November 2017 um 12:59 Uhr
Von: "Mihai A." <amihaiemil@xxxxxxxxx>
An: "EE4J community discussions" <ee4j-community@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: [ee4j-community] Time to play the game?
Hello All,
I wanted to ask you how is JavaEE going to fight back to Spring and project Jigsaw?
Let me explain: 
These days, I noticed an increasing trend of developing Java (web)apps with Spring + Spring Boot, and running them with Docker. A lot of people seem to not understand JavaEE, they cannot use it properly so, naturally, they prefer to have a fat deployable and use Docker just as a simple OS wrap.
Then here comes project Jigsaw which, it seems to me, is an effort made in the complete opposite direction of JavaEE. I read this article that kept showing on my Twitter feed: 
Basically, with Jigsaw, we can create standalone Java apps which do not need a preset runtime anymore. It encourages developers to follow the monoliths path, building even fatter apps. Because hey, nobody wants to take care of setting the JRE. But they will still play Docker just to spin the app. Do you see the irony?
I cannot understand why more and more developers build fat applications and use Docker only as an OS bubble. Why don't they use Docker for what it was meant, for setting an environment, a platform (JavaEE) and keeping their applications lightweight?
These days, the developer, instead of focusing on lightweight, efficient projects, is burdened with having to know everything: the app couples together (tightly!) concepts such as Spring Boot, Jigsaw, Docker. Everyone is still happy, they enjoy it, not thinking that we are throwing away many years of progress.
Any thoughts on this topic? It's a rather grim view, I know, but I am really curious of what the experts believe. 
Best regards,
Mihai Andronache
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