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[ee4j-community] LTS and EE4J


Given Java SE and the JDK are about to follow support patterns exercised by Ubuntu or CloudBees/Jenkins with LTS versions of their subsequent projects, I wonder, if Eclipse LTS: is still around and active?

Having LTS versions of products and compatible implementations of EE4J or maybe also related projects like MicroProfile seems especially appealing on the Enterprise front while those using Eclipse IDE or similar tools may end up changing their tools more often, so LTS is probably of lesser value here. 

Given some extra cost, it may not matter much to individual committers and contributors but all the vendors behind EE4J, MicroProfile, etc. could benefit a lot if they offer Long Term Support for these technologies. It is likely to improve trust of those Enterprise customers who need a stable and reliable environment rather than "The next hot stuff" which may become outdated rather quickly in many cases.



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