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Re: [ee4j-community] On Naming

On 2017-10-01 5:15 AM, Guillermo González de Agüero wrote:
One question I have on that is wether EE4J could be used as the OpenJDK equivalent for Java EE and in the same way that MicroProfile has just done with MP Config: spec developed on an open group and then submitted to the JCP.

I envision a very similar idea for EE4J: create working groups, develop specs and APIs and then, once done, submit a massive "Java EE 9" JSR for it, that will then release the artifacts with the "javax" package (this point is *really* important), and maintaining the Java EE name.

That leaves the application server certification open though. But with all TCKs sources avaiable, I doubt certification by itself will be so important as it is now, since everybody will be able to test servers on their own to verify they are spec complaint.

I also imagine major vendors won't like this option that much since Oracle would still be responsible of the final "Java EE" release through the JCP, but I think this can be an acceptable compromise solution.

Is this an option that's on the table?

It is my understanding that the new specification process will not be using the JCP.

Mike Milinkovich
(m) +1.613.220.3223

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