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[ee4j-community] Naming and Package Name Concerns

The community at large has expressed several concerns with Java EE renaming. For some details on these concerns, please read here and on the related threads on the Java EE Guardians Google Group: In particular, the issue that remains unresolved is whether or not this initiative will retain the possibility of using the javax packages for new and existing technologies. Can folks involved in the thus far at least somewhat closed process kindly comment on these issues? On a minor note, many folks in the community have not necessarily been very enthusiastic about the name of this initiative that they feel they had little opportunity to give feedback on.

I feel I also must ask you whether you can engage the community on the Java EE Guardians Google Group at least on this issue. While I and others will do our best to encourage everyone to engage with this effort, I do not think it is unreasonable for existing communities that care about these technologies to expect to be engaged on their own terms at least initially. Let me repeat a caveat I have tried to express privately several times now - not making real efforts to engage the community now risks this effort coming off as not sufficiently open and rather vendor driven. I believe the MicroProfile initiative currently suffers from this perception problem for very similar reasons. Please make efforts to ensure that does not happen here. It will mean all of the work so many of us have done for so long may get needlessly undermined.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to a new era in enterprise Java.

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