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Re: [eclipselink-users] YAML Un-/Marshalling





Lukas Lentner


Von: eclipselink-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx <eclipselink-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> Im Auftrag von Lukas Lentner
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2019 19:06
An: EclipseLink User Discussions <eclipselink-users@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: [eclipselink-users] YAML Un-/Marshalling




is it possible to use Eclipselink/Moxy to marshal/unmarshal YAML.

Under this page I found that it was planned for version 2.2


If it is possible, how can I do it. I did not find any information about this in the internet …


Thankx & Servus


Lukas Lentner


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