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[eclipselink-users] Caching


I've written a tool for my IT staff to use to manage data issues for a software suite that is being phased out.  I've been fighting with caching in EclipseLink through the entire process, and though I have found a way to get the behavior I need, I can't believe it is so much work.

For the longest time, I believed I was fighting with the shared (L2) cache, as it turns out I'm fighting the isolated (L1) cache.

The only solution I have found that works is to call entityManager.clear() at the beginning of every query.

Since I'm working with a data set which is shared with non-Java software, I need ALL read caching disabled, globally.  What I'd prefer is for the cache to be updated, rather than erased on every read.  In other words, I like the query to bypass all caches, and update them with the results, rather than wipe out all (potentially unrelated) cached results.  Further, I need writes to operate on pessimistic assumptions (i.e. verify no other data has been changed since the data was read into the cache).

Is there a way I can get the behavior I am looking for globally?

Thank you,

Dominic Hilsbos

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