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[eclipselink-users] EclipseLink: Inheritance with mongoDB as persistence layer

Dear all,


I tried to use eclipselink with a MongoDB as a persistence layer. The initial tests where successful so I assume that my configuration is correct and the database is available.


For the next test I tried to persist objects of a class that inherits from a parent class which throws an exception when I try to get a list of all elements in the database through:


List<ExtendedClass> extendedClassList = em.createQuery("SELECT a FROM ExtendedClass a", ExtendedClass.class).getResultList();


The exception reads:


javax.resource.ResourceException: org.bson.codecs.configuration.CodecConfigurationException: Can't find a codec for class org.eclipse.persistence.internal.helper.DatabaseField.


I’ve opened a StackOverflow question describing what I’m trying to do and the error message in more detail.


The post can be found here:


Does anyone know if this is a configuration error on my side, a bug in eclipselink or an issue with mongoDB?


Any help is appreciated.


Kind regards


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