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[eclipselink-users] How to call Stored Procedure which has custom data type in oracle

PROCEDURE create_pr(
      p_create_ IN     table_product,
      p_product             IN     varchar2,
      result_out                    OUT VARCHAR2,
      messages_out      OUT message_array, --Type of varray of varchar(400)
      errors_out      OUT _error_list); --Type of object 

I am unable to map oracle custom data types to pojo. I searched lot but not
able to get simple complete example of how to call stored procedure which
has custom data type as output parameter, my one output is type of varray of
varchar and another output parameter is of type object which contains 4
different column

In short the Problem Statement – Need to call stored procedure which contain
output parameter as user define type in oracle. We need to map this user
define type to java objects while calling oracle.

I saw @Array and @Struct, @Resultsetmapping but not able to get
breakthrough. If you could share some sample code. Will much appreciated


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