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[eclipselink-users] Problem adding managed persistence classes using the jar-file element in persistence.xml


I have a problem adding managed persistence classes using the jar-file element in persistence.xml. I can get it to work (but it looks wrong), see below.

My environment is Websphere Liberty Profile running EclipseLink 2.6.4 (bundled). 

My application is packaged as JAR files placed in a WARs lib directory (I deploy a WAR not an EAR). The persistence.xml, mapping file etc is placed in WEB-INF/classes/META-INF

I follow example 5 section Jar Files in JSR 338 JPA 2.1, it states that



When I use the above configuration it startup without error but blows up at runtime with the following error message in the logs (trace and message log, no ffdc)

Internal Exception: java.lang.RuntimeException: url = "">


...if I change the jar-file path to: ../lib/test.jar instead of lib/test.jar I get the following during startup

CWWJP0024E: The ../lib/test.jar Java archive (JAR) file specification for the test persistence unit is incorrect.

But now it works fine in runtime...

Note: None of the examples in the JSR 338 has a <jar-file>../lib/warEntities.jar</jar-file>

Any ideas?


Med vänlig hälsning / Best regards

Lars-Fredrik Smedberg

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