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Re: [eclipselink-users] eclipselink failed tests

Hi Yannick,

  Here is a bug that covers the 2 errors:

  Please vote for the bug if it is actually causing problems for you.

The SQLLite issues are likely because we have not done certification on SQLLite and there are some areas where its behavior deviates from our default database platform support.

As for the benchmark performance results, this benchmark is entirely developed, controlled and run by ObjectDB and the results are, as such, subjective. A more accurate picture of the performance of various providers can be obtained by peer/competitor reviewed benchmarks. (e.g. SpecJ benchmark) To prove its performance, ObjectDB should consider publishing results from such a benchmark.


Yannick Majoros wrote:

On this page:, I noticed they claim Eclipselink fails 2 tests for most databases (up to 35 for some databases).

I'm just wondering: is this true, or are the tests wrong? Also, what do you think about ObjectDB's performance claims?


Yannick Majoros

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