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Re: [eclipselink-users] Why EL doesn't require OpenEntityManagerInView filter?

I am not familar with Spring, but it is likely due to the feature Doug mentions here:

Allowing retreval as long as the context is still available to use to fetch the data - ie as long as the entity isn't serialized or all factories closed.


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Any updates on this will keep my interest on!!





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Subject: [eclipselink-users] Why EL doesn't require OpenEntityManagerInView filter?


Hello Everybody,


As I use more of eclipselink more I get to know of its features and more I end up admiring it!


I first started using ORM with toplink JPA implementation. I never paid much attention to other jpa implementations like hibernate/open JPA etc. However when I am trying to get insight, I know of some issues and solutions to them. One of them being OpenSessionInView filter suggested by hibernate for lazy loading issues. For JPA spring provides OpenEntityManagerInView implementation. However I am surprised to see that though hibernate JPA requires this to avoid LazyIntializationException or OpenJPA requires for successfully fetching the data, eclipselink doesnât require it. Similar experience is shared on this blog.


I was wondering how eclipselink manages to load the lazily loaded objects even after the entity manager is closed. Would somebody throw some light on this?