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Re: [eclipselink-users] Order of operations in EclipseLink

Hi Patric,

AFAIK it is an intentional behaviour, EL just like any other JPA/JDO implementation that we've used (EL, OpenJPA, etc) do inserts before deletes.
I don't remember the reason. I just remember there was one. Maybe someone else can explain that to us.
To keep the AK you can either flush right after the delete or replace the delete/insert by an update.


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imagine a simple table/entity TestTable with an AK on column status.

The following operations will fail using EclipseLink:

TestTable tt = new TestTable();


TestTable tt2 = new TestTable();
em.flush(); //this will throw an exception due to AK violation

However, I would expect a successfull run because I previously removed  
the record which has the same AK.

It seems that the operation order is modified by EclipseLink -
inserts seems to be executed first which might change the outcome of a  
set of operations.
Is this an intentional behaviour?
If it is, is there a possibility to preserve the operation order?

Thank you and best regards,

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