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Re: [eclipselink-users] GFv3 + EclipseLink >=2.1.1: Remote EJB client cannot transfer JPA entities through remote session bean

Have you posted this to the GlassFish mailing list? It is not obvious from the portion of the exception you are posting what could be wrong in EclipseLink. Is there a longer exception trace somewhere?

The only thing I can think of in EclipseLink that could cause marshalling exceptions is our weaving. Try setting the persistence unit property eclipselink.weaving to false. If that helps, it will give us somewhere to start looking.

In the meantime, I suggest you persue this on the GlassFish mailing list as well.


Xavier Callejas wrote:
I am having big troubles, I hope you can help me.
I am using Glassfish v3.0.1, I needed to upgrade it to EclipseLink 2.1.1 because of a know bug (solved in 2.1.1) of EclipseLink 2.0.0 but this bring me a much bigger problem.
I use Glassfish as a EJB server, a lot EJBs session beans are facades for the persistence layer (eclipselink), the remote java client connect to the server through remote EJBs to make CRUD. If I upgrade to EclipseLink 2.1.1 or newer when the remote java client connect to a remote session bean to send a JPA entity through a method in the remote session bean the connection hangs after a few minutes.
The JPA entities classes are in a separated jar shared by the EAR in the server and the remote java client, the persistence.xml is in a EJB module inside a EAR in the server.
This occurs with Glassfish 3.1 last nightly build, too. GF3.1 throws this:
javax.ejb.EJBException: java.rmi.MarshalException: CORBA COMM_FAILURE 1330446344 Maybe; nested exception is: org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: FINA: IOP00410008: Connection abort vmcid: OMG minor code: 8 completed: Maybe
at com.sistemasaereos.model._ServiceBeanRemote_Wrapper.test(com/sistemasaereos/model/_ServiceBeanRemote_Wrapper.java)
at enterpriseapplication2client.Main.main(Main.java:35)
Caused by: org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: FINA: IOP00410034: Received java.io.IOException: End-of-stream, in a blocking read on connection, SocketOrChannelConnectionImpl[ java.nio.channels.SocketChannel[connected local=/ remote=zeus.cdi.sistemasaereos.com.sv/] ESTABLISHED true true], because an end of stream was detected vmcid: OMG minor code: 34 completed: No
If this is not caused by a new security mecanism in Eclipselink this should be a serious bug.
For now I am stucked in Glassfish v3.0.1 with EclipseLink 2.0.0 trying to make a workaround with the know bug.
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