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Re: [eclipselink-users] BEFORE INSERT trigger modifies a column --> doesn't refresh in EclipseLink

Annotate the property with

On 11/24/2010 2:24 PM, Bálint Kriván wrote:

I have a column which is managed by a trigger in DB (Oracle 9i
(production)/10g (dev)). But when I try to use the getter method to
access this property of the object I'm getting null. When I redeploy my
application it works, because EclipseLink cache is being purged (My
application persisted the object as this property would be null, but
trigger modified it -- which isn't propagated to EclipseLink). My
question is that; is there a way to make this work? In the other thread
I was advised to use the EntityManager#getRefrence() method, but
obviously I can't use this in this situation. I'm sure that there should
be some trick to make this work, because I'm pretty sure this is a very
frequent use case.

Bálint Kriván

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