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[eclipselink-users] Need help with a query where an entity has a list of other entities

Hi eclipselink-list,

i need a help with a difficult query, well for me it's difficult :)

I have an entity A which contains a list of entities of type B
(List<B>) and B contains in turn a list of entities of type C
(List<C>). Now I want to build a query where I can do the following:
Select A where their List<B> contains an entry with the name "Foo" and
in turn this entry with the name "Foo" has C's which has the value

For a better understanding some pseudo code:
class A {
  List<B> listB;
class B {
  String name;
  List<C> listC;
class C {
  String value;

I guess in pure SQL i would write it like this: select * from A, B, C
where = B.a_id AND = 'Foo' AND = C.b_id AND C.value =
I think i could be able to write a pure SQL-Statement but I don't want
to do that if there is a much more better and easier solution using
eclipselink (and its maybe not database independent).

Hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!

-- Christian

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