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Re: [eclipselink-users] Limiting the returned children in a query selecting the parent

Hi Mike,

The problem with what you are trying to do is that when EclipseLink retrieves relationships from your event, it has to retrieve the whole relationship. If it retrieves only some elements of the relationship (e.g. only the transactions with status = 'FAILED') the object will not be correct - it will be missing any transactions it contains with other status values.

You should be able to write a query that selects all the appropriate transactions with status failed and their related events. 'Something like:

select t, e from Transaction t join t.source s join s.event e where t.status = 'FAILED'

Depending on how your relationships are structured, support for conditional joins as suggested by Bernard may help you write a query that will return results that are closer to what you are looking for - have a look at the examples in the bug.

The bottom line, however, is that when EclipseLink reads an object, it partially populate a list that represents a xToMany relationship. There is some EclipseLink-Native-API functionality that could help you create a mapping or a will return just the 'FAILED' statuses, but that involves have a mapping that returns failed statuses all the time.


bht@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi Mike,

This should be a FAQ :)

Please see the recent thread "Conditional LEFT JOIN in JPQL".

I would suggest you vote for



On Sat, 15 May 2010 14:58:52 -0700, you wrote:

I have the following relationship:
event->source->transaction, where -> represents a bidirectional
one-to-many relationship.

I am trying to select the Event object map for which it's related
transaction.status field = 'FAILED', with that object map containing
ONLY the transactions that meet that criteria. The following sql is
select * from event left join source ON = source.event_id left
join transaction ON = transaction.source_id where
transaction.status = 'FAILED';

The following JPQL ends up returning the correct Event, but it also
contains all it's Transaction children, not just the ones with
transaction.status = 'FAILED':
select e FROM Event e LEFT JOIN e.sources s LEFT JOIN s.transactions t
where t.status = 'FAILED'

Any idea's?


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