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[eclipselink-users] Object in EntityManager conext: no cache settings are relevant?

Hello everyone,
I need a short advice regarding EclipseLink cache settings.
Imagine the following situation:
1. JPA Client reads the entity using EntityManager. So entity becomes into EM context.
2. Other external SQL client deletes this entity from the DB.
3. JPA Client reads the entity again using the same EM.
Question: are EM.refresh(entity) or EM.clear() only the ways to force EM to re-read entity on step 3?
Is it possible to achieve it also using any EclipseLink cache settings?
The following properties don't affect EM behavior in this case:
                <property name="eclipselink.cache.shared.default" value="false"/>
                <property name="eclipselink.cache.type.default" value="NONE"/>

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