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[eclipselink-users] colon object and then insert


I am having problems on colone object using eclipseLink objectcopyingPolicy.

I have an entity A with children entity B, and B have multiple children entity C , D. Here is the roughly for the structure.

A has oneToMany relationship to B, and A has pk aId annotated as generatedValue AUTO. B is annotated as privateOwned, @OneToMany(mappedBy="a", cascade = ALL, targetEntity=B.class)

B has oneToMany relationship to C, and B has @EmbeddedId pk class which including aId (aId is FK and part of PK)and bId, and C has @EmbeddedId pk class which include aId(aId is FK and part of PK), bId(bId is FK and part of PK), cId

B has oneToMany relationship to D, D has @EmbeddedId pk class which including aId and bId (aId and bId is FK and part of PK)and dId.

when using the snippet below to colon object and then persist it,

                private EntityManagerFactory emf = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("brancoch");
                private EntityManager em = emf.createEntityManager();
                // first step, tried to retrieve one existing one from Db
                A a = findAById(new String("10005699"));
                String xml = getXml(a);
                // next step, colon A and then insert colonedA
                a = fromXml(xml);
                A colonedA = clone(a, em);
                private A clone(A s, EntityManager em) {
                EntityManagerImpl eme = (EntityManagerImpl) em.getDelegate();
                Session session = eme.getSession();
                ObjectCopyingPolicy p = new ObjectCopyingPolicy();
                s = (A) session.copyObject(s, p);
                return s;
In the console, i can see that it clearly insert A with auto generated aId, but when inserting B, it insert null for aId, I use prePersist callback to set bId. for my case, how can I set aId when inserting object B, I have to use postPersist callback in object A to set it up?

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