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RE: [eclipselink-users] eclipselink, blobs and mysql? Any comments on the referenced blog entry?

We are aware of the Blog post.  We have attempted to answer the Blog in January, but the author has not put our post up yet.
The short answer is that EclipseLink supports all the major databases, and we regularly run 1000s of tests to ensure that we don't regress.  The EclipseLink tests that run every night on the Eclipse build machine do so on MySQL.  Oracle QA also runs the same tests nightly on several different databases (and database versions). 
The difficulty in supporting all databases is that different databases (and even different versions of the same database) support different features in different ways.
The issue mentioned in this Blog is bug:  It is an issue of DDL generation, which will show up during development, but not likely in production.  This is because the DB admin will likely not be using EclipseLink to create the production tables.  There is a valid work around in the bug.  This bug is currently targeted to be looked at for our next maintenance release. (2.0.2)
In general, if you are experiencing a blocking issue that is occurring on any Database, please be sure to file a bug.
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Subject: [eclipselink-users] eclipselink, blobs and mysql? Any comments on the referenced blog entry?

while browsing the web for tutorials and information about the use of the @lob annotation with eclipselink and mysql I stumbled upon the following blog post:

Do you have any comments on the topics/problems mentioned there?


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