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Re: [eclipselink-users] Blob/Large data tutorial/best practices

Thank you for link and fast reply,

  I need to store data to BLOB in my format (working with ByteBuffers, ...). Serialization is not possible.
Thank you for "@Mutable" hint. 
  I read that is supported "java.sql.Blob/java.sql.Clob" for @Lob attribute. 
So I think thats possible to write converter from my data object to "java.sql.Blob" or "byte[]".
  I will try it later.


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What issue are you having specifically?  Do you have a Java object you wish
to serialize to a BLOB field?  This should be fairly straight forward, just
use the @Lob annotation and ensure you class is serializable.

What do you mean by change tracking?  If you are referring to attribute
change tracking vs deferred in EclipseLink, then you can avoid deferred when
using a serialized object by marking the mapping with @Mutable(false), and
ensuring you call the set method when making changes.

There are plenty of lob tests in EclipseLink if you wish to delv into the
test projects in SVN.

jandam wrote:
> Sorry for my question,
>   is there any tutorial/best practices to work with BLOBs. I need to
> convert BLOBs to java objects. So I need at least 2x size of BLOB.
> Is it possible to work with part of BLOB. Is there posibility to have BLOB
> change tracking without converting from Java object...
>   Is there any URLs/books or samples/tests in EclipseLink.
> Thank you
>    Martin

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