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Re: [eclipselink-users] Slow Mapping

To start with I would set logging to finest so you can check what is
occurring.  Ensure that the original query is not triggering other queries
for related objects, (this may occur if LAZY is not working because weaving
is not being used in your production server).

You could also try enabling the EclipseLink profiler, or use a third party
profiler such as JProfiler.

You could also simplify the query to determine which part of it is causing
the issue.

John Arevalo wrote:
> Hi list,
> Now i'm facing a problem while load a query:
> i've enabled logging.level to FINE in order to check Native Query,
> executed from jdbc tool takes around 0,031 s.
> i've loaded that ResultList in a h:selectOneMenu(JSF).
> In develop environment works succesfully, but in prod Environment
> takes around 15 seg. 200 objects are Mapped (aprx.).
> no matter how many concurrent users are in the application, the
> response time is the same.
> what can i do to reduce that time?
> Thanks for your replies
> -- 
> John Arévalo
> GNU/Linux User #443701

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