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[eclipselink-users] Cascading entities

Hello there smart and beautiful people :-)
I'm somewhat embarrassed to ask this question, but come to the conclusion that banging ones head into the wall is a useless pastime.

I'm having some difficulty updating one of my entities that is inside yet another entity. I have several types of these, but here's an example:

I have two tables, categories and categories_description, the latter holds i18n-versions of the category name, it's description etc.

Now the categories_description has a composite key based on an categoryID and a languageID, now I can read from the database with no real problem, however when it comes to updating the buggers I'm at a loss. The categoryID is ofcourse the primary key of the categories-table.

So basicly I'm wondering what kind of steps do I need to take to be able to update a category and it's descriptions? I've already tried to use the Cascading-type ALL.

Is it required to create a PrimaryKeyClass to control this?

(and I can't change the structure of the database as it's defined by an open source project ;)

Christian Michelsen

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