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Re: [eclipselink-users] [MOXy] compareSchemaOrder()

Hi Neil,

Darn, that is too bad that the code would be difficult to reuse, but that's
what I was thinking too.  

The information I am looking for in question 2 is indeed for the ordering
logic.  It seems like a straight-forward problem, but I'm sure there are
requirements that I'm not thinking of.  Would you mind sharing the logic
that you used?


Neil Hauge wrote:
> Hi Polly,
> Unfortunately I don't think I have any great answers for you here.  The 
> Workbench code you reference is indeed internal, and would not be easily 
> consumed or reused by an external application.  Your best bet is 
> probably to re-use the concept without trying to deal with all of the 
> other behavior present in these classes.
> I'm not sure exactly what information you are looking for in question 
> 2.  The general business logic in the Workbench is modeling design-time 
> functionality available in the Workbench UI.  The MWXmlDescriptor class 
> specifically represents the design-time information necessary to create 
> an XMLDescriptor in an EclipseLink  project.  MWXmlField and MWXpathStep 
> also exist to represent the design-time information necessary to build 
> EclipseLink projects.  Are you asking more specifically about the 
> ordering logic?
> Neil
> polly.c.chang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I found some code inside the EclipseLink Workbench that sorts XML
>> descriptors in the order that the schema defines.  The code is in:
>> This functionality looks really useful, and I would like to be able to
>> call
>> it instead of trying to duplicate it.  However, I'm having a hard time
>> trying to figure out if this API can be used outside of the Workbench. 
>> What
>> I'm finding is that even though the code is well organized, there are not
>> a
>> lot of comments, and I'm not that familiar with the domain.  So I'm
>> having
>> some difficulty following it.  My questions are:
>> 1.  Do you think it would be possible to instantiate the domain objects
>> that
>> this code needs (such as MWXmlField, MWXpathStep, and maybe
>> MWXmlDescriptor)
>> in order to use the code inside orderedMappingComparator()?  
>> 2.  What does this business logic do?  Can you explain the general flow? 
>> Since I need the same functionality, it would help to be able to
>> understand
>> how your system works.  
>> I know I'm deep in the guts of the Workbench here, but this code looks
>> really nice.  You have obviously thought about this problem a lot more
>> than
>> I have, and it works, so it would be great if I can make use of it.  Any
>> other advice that you have would be greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks!!
>> --Polly
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