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Re: [eclipselink-users] Does a Join Table need an @ID annotation?

Hello Zarar,

You don't ever "need" the extra database field, it is just an easier way out in some situations. In JPA 1.0, what you could create 3 extra basic attributes on your Relation Entity that you would mark as @id, and you would make them insertable/updateable =false, so that the relationships control the database fields. You would then need to create a PK class for the entity, which would be used with the EntityManager find method.

In JPA 2.0, there is the concept of Derived ids. This will allow you to mark relationships as @Id, avoiding the extra basic mappings, but you will still need to create a Pk class. This feature was implemented in EclipseLink main and is in Tuesday night's build if you wished to test it out.

Since EclipseLink will use the underlying database field values as the primary key anyway, you don't even really need the PK class. You potentially could create the descriptor for the Relationship object yourself; not rely on annotation processing (and infact remove all the annotations so they don't get processed) and create a descriptor and the mappings in a customizer method. This would allow you to get by the validation process of not having a PK class for the relation entity. It gets a bit more complicated if you wish to have other entitys reference this Relationship object, since you would also have to create these mappings manually or get validation exceptions.

Best Regards,

Zarar Siddiqi wrote:

I have three entities that have a many to many relationship with each
other.  The relationship is stored in a join table which is also an
entity.  So I have Entity1, Entity2 and Entity3 and a "relational"
entity called "EntityRel" which has references to the first three
entities (in DDL speak, it's a table with three foreign keys).  I was
wondering why I MUST have an extra column  in the EntityRel table
mapped to an @Id annotation in the class when I don't really need it
or will ever use it.


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