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Re: [eclipselink-users] How to generate JPA xml using EclipeLink Workbench ?

Title: How to generate JPA xml using EclipeLink Workbench ?

The EclipseLink Workbench does not provide any JPA related support, such as for the creation of an orm.xml file (a JPA artifact).  To create and work with JPA artifacts, including annotated source or orm.xml files, try using the Dali JPA Tools in Eclipse.  These tools provide a rich UI for editing JPA metadata, as well as entity validation, and other functionality.  In addition, there is specific support for EclipseLink configuration and mappings. 

Dali is included in the Eclipse JEE package, and is a part of the Web Tools project at Eclipse.

See the website for more information on how to start using Dali -


Yang, Daoqi (D.) wrote:

Hi, ALL:

I am trying to generate JPA OR mapping xml file using EclipseLink workbench using version 1.0.2.
It woks the same way as Toplink workbench for doing the mappings.
However, when I exported the mappings to a project discriptor file, it is still a Toplink mapping file, not orm.xml.

Is there any configuration that I have missed? Thanks.


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