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RE: [eclipselink-users] dynamic weaving now possible with jBoss 5 ? Any experiences?

    Hi, good question.  Yes, the latest JBoss 5.0CR2 (Oct 2008) release should be fully JEE5 compliant with a temporary ClassLoader that we can use to do dynamic weaving.  This just needs to be fully tested with a possible JBoss 5 platform addition so we support users before/after 5.0CR2.  I would like to verify this asap.

    See outstanding 252965 design change to verify JBoss 5.0CR2
     You may track and/or edit this bug.

   See original workaround for JBoss 4/5.

   See quickstart JBoss web tutorial.

   See static weaving workaround (soon to be deprecated for 5.0CR2)
    Thank you

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Subject: [eclipselink-users] dynamic weaving now possible with jBoss 5 ? Any experiences?


since my last question here concerning static weaving received no
answers I'll now try a second approach our problem: instead of static
weaving I'd like to use dynamic weaving with jBoss 5.

Should this be possible now with the jBoss 5 version or is it still
recommended to use the static-weaving workaraound also for jboss 5?

Any users here with experiences in this combination (ecliselink & jBoss 5) ?


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