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Re: [eclipselink-users] the SQL-update statement happens while Eclipselink is looking for a record

Hi James

Well, disabling weavng does work around that problem, although according to
the documentation it also stops lazy loading so wouldn't be a
production-friendly solution for us at present as it will result in some
images being loaded on a regular basis which would kill the performance of
my application. 

I can't really post our production code as it is confidential but I'd be
happy to derive a minimal test case if there is any likelihood of the
problem being addressed sometime before May 2009. As we are going live
shortly after that it isn't much use to us in the short term unless we can
do that.

Seems that there are other issues for me with EclipseLink too - in my JUnit
tests a while after this I have an EntityManager.delete call on another
(related) entity which works fine using Toplink Essentials but in
EclipseLink generates this exception:

Exception [EclipseLink-7197] (Eclipse Persistence Services - 1.0.2 (Build
20081024)): org.eclipse.persistence.exceptions.ValidationException
Exception Description: Null primary key encountered in unit of work clone

Any idea about that one ? Again, I'm happy to try and put together a minimal
test case (though not one which involves a specific test IDE like JDeveloper
as I've been requested to do via Oracle Support before now - Ant and the
source code should be ok ?)

Cheers (and thanks for the helpful suggestion re weaving


James Sutherland wrote:
> Can't think of any reason this would occur.  Please include your mapping
> and class and what you are doing.  If it worked on Essentials it could
> have something to do with change tracking, try disabling weaving to see if
> it is the cause, "eclipselink.weaving"="false".

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