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[eclipselink-users] EclipseLink converts query wrong


I invoke EntityManager.createQuery("select image from Image as image where
image in (select imageToTag0.image from ImageToTag as imageToTag0 where
imageToTag0.tag = :tag0) and image in (select imageToTag1.image from
ImageToTag as imageToTag1 where imageToTag1.tag = :tag1) order by");

EclipseLink 1.0.2 converts this to:

"t0.ID, t0.VERSION, t0.creationDate, t0.parentId, t0.ownerId, t0.dataId,
t0.contentTypeId, t0.specificationId, t0.overlayId FROM image t0 WHERE ( IN
(SELECT t1.ID, t1.VERSION, t1.creationDate, t1.parentId, t1.ownerId,
t1.dataId, t1.contentTypeId, t1.specificationId, t1.overlayId FROM
image_to_tag t2 LEFT OUTER JOIN image t1 ON (t1.ID = t2.IMAGE_ID) WHERE
(t2.TAG_ID = ?)) AND  IN (SELECT t3.ID, t3.VERSION, t3.creationDate,
t3.parentId, t3.ownerId, t3.dataId, t3.contentTypeId, t3.specificationId,
t3.overlayId FROM image_to_tag t4 LEFT OUTER JOIN image t3 ON (t3.ID =
t4.IMAGE_ID) WHERE (t4.TAG_ID = ?))) ORDER BY t0.ID ASC" under MySQL.

Notice how it produces this malformed SQL: "WHERE ( IN". Any ideas?

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