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Re: [eclipselink-users] Re: rcp, osgi, and dynamic weaving

Hi Joel,

Our RCP demo is the best starting-point for OSGi usage. Here is a link to the instructions in our SVN repository.

  Both the setup and the actual RCP demo use OSGi.

We also have some Equinox-specific dynamic weaving support which we can help you get running when you have the OSGi basics running. It consists of a bundle that adds to our JPA support and a bundle that hooks into Equinox.


Joel Rosi-Schwartz wrote:
Hi Shaun,

In the referenced thread below, you mentioned that you were putting together an OSGI example. I've had a look in org.eclipse.persistence/trunk/examples/ but I do not find any OSGI related examples. Has anything been put together yet as an Eclipselink quick start on Equinox.

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Hi Ted,

I'm up on starting services and this is how we have it working for plain OSGi apps in Equinox. The issue is around my lack of experience with the different ways to launch Equinox. Launching an RCP app is not the same as just starting up an Equinox with a bunch of bundles with services. The problem I was running into when I tried this was that my services were not started before the RCP main application was started.

I'm currently revisiting the Comics RCP example to get a better picture of the issues and hopefully someone will be able to help me clear them. I'll also get a plain OSGi weaving example checked into the EclipseLink SVN trunk along with some docs. I'll post when it's checked in.


Ted Pricer wrote:
 > This is a continuation of a discussion started in the
 > eclipse.rt.eclipselink newsgroup:
 > Shaun,
 > I think the way to start a specific service is to specify the
 > containing bundle in the osgi.bundles section of config.ini file (or
 > just as a system property) with an entry such as:
> osgi.bundles=org.eclipse.equinox.common@2:start,org.eclipse.update.configurator@4:start,org.eclipse.core.runtime@start,org.eclipse.eclipselinkbundletostart:start
 > Substituting for org.eclipse.eclipselinkbundletostart.
 > Which bundle includes the service that needs to start for dynamic
 > weaving to work?
 > Ted
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