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[eclipselink-users] No index on the foreign key problem in Oracle


I had some problems with deadlocks in Oracle 10. The cause was that there
was no index on the foreign key (more details in: The question is, could EclipseLink
include such an index automatically when creating the ddl?

The problem occurs with ManyToMany and one-way ManyToOne relations, i.e.
when there is an additional mapping table: <-- A_B.a_id 
            A_B.b_id  -->

In this case index is created automatically by Oracle for (A_B.a_id,
A_B.b_id), leaving A_B.b_id unindexed. Of course the index can be created
manually, but it would be nice if it could be created automatically (at
least optionally).

If this is reasonable I'll be glad to submit a RFE to Bugzilla.

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