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Bug# 230238: RE: [eclipselink-users] is not updated in nightly build distro

	Hi, thank you for bringing this to our attention.
	This issue was raised last May and should be fixed for all 3 Release, Milestone and nightly builds on top of previously being built monthly.  However it looks like the nightly src build target not being included in the download zip or the separate source download zip. It is however, from a check on the SVN log being updated in SVN nightly.

	see reopened

	1) SVN - is in sync with the binaries (last update 20080918)
	2) (separate download from the full nightly zip) - is NOT in sync with the binaries (20080613 != 20080930
	3) inside the nightly - is NOT in sync with the binaries (20080613 != 20080930)

	I have added you to the bug notifications.

		1) Get the file via anon SVN from the following URL

		2) Build the using our trunk>ant script - requires an SVN download from

	thank you

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\jlib\ in  the nightly 1.1 builds is from 2008-06-13.

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