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[eclipselink-users] What Web Frameworks Are People Using with EclipseLink?

Hi List!
Unfortunately, I'm no longer building EclipseLink apps with RCP/osgi,
though hopefully I will be again in the future. Anyway, I am going
back to the dark side (J2EE web).

What web frameworks are people using with EclipseLink? I'm going to be
primarily using Oracle again as my DB. Here's my wish list:

-As Little XML as possible
-As many Annotations as possible :)
-Excellent OC4J Support
-Conducive to good clean code with lots of re-use
-Excellent Eclipse Support (Sorry Oracle guys, but I've had enough of
JDev for one lifetime :) )

My short list right now is: Spring MVC or Wicket.

I know that many people on the list use web frameworks so you all must
have some opinion, and I'd really appreciate to hear from all of you.



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