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Re: [eclipselink-users] How to left join with expression

Hi Andreas,

  What code do you use to build your query?  What is the resulting SQL?

I would expect that you could add a joined expression to your query using Expression.getAllowingNull(<attribute>)


Andreas König wrote:
Hey there...

I think, I didn't really get the expression language yet.
I have two classes:

Offer and Publication

An Offer can have multiple publications, from which only the youngest is interesting for me.
For architectural reasons, the offer-object has no reference to the publication(s). Only the publication has a refence to the object.

How do I get an SQL like this with expression language?

SELECT     offer.id,
    Offer offer
LEFT OUTER JOIN PUBLICATION pub ON pub.offer_id = offer.id
WHERE NOT EXISTS (not so important subquery)

I tried different ExpressionBuilders, but nothing seemed to work. The result was always wrong way around: pub left outer join offer.

Thanx in advance!