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Re: [eclipselink-users] Where is the javax.persistence API ?

Hi Tom,

I'm following the JPA 2.0 spec evolution, so I'd really appreciate if there was a way to get and use the first alpha versions of the JPA API. If you could put it in the Maven repository that would be a very good help for me. I'm writing an article about EclipseLink, Maven, MySQL and Derby (+unit testing with JUnit and DBUnit). So it would be great to start with the right repositories and version of APIs.

Let me know if it's possible to have it.


2008/9/16 Tom Ware <tom.ware@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Antonio,

 You make a good point.  As the JPA 2.0 RI evolves the classes will have to be made available.

 At the moment in EclipseLink, we publish the javax.persistence classes for JPA 1.0 in a jar/Eclipse plug-in format, but not in our maven repository.  The current plan is to do the same with the next versions of EclipseLink, but if there is demand, adding the javax.persistence APIs to our maven repository should not be a big problem.


Antonio Goncalves wrote:
Thanks, that works. But this raises another questions.
 EclipseLink is the JPA 2.0 RI, so I expect it to change quickly and follow the JPA 2.0 work in progress, add new APIs and so on. If I want to test the future changes of JPA 2.0 I would think that EclipseLink would be more up to date than anything else. If I use the javax.persistence API from the central ibiblio, will it follow the novelties of EclipseLink ? or am I stuck to JPA 1.0 ?
2008/9/15 Andreas König <andreas.koenig@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:andreas.koenig@xxxxxxxxxx>>

   A repo for the persistence api can be found here:

          <name>central ibiblio repository</name>

   Antonio Goncalves wrote:

        I want to compile a simple JPA HelloWorld example with
       EclipseLink and Maven. I've looked at the Maven repository
       but I can't find the javax.persistence package (meaning it can't
       find @Entity, @Id...).
        I've played with my pom.xml, changed artifactId and so on, but
       still doesn't work. Any idea ?
         my pom.xml
         <project xmlns=""
          <name>jpa samples</name>
          <description>Samples showing how to use JPA 2.0</description>
                  <id>EclipseLink Repo</id>
                  <name>EclipseLink Repository</name>
       <>        <>></url>




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