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[eclipselink-users] Survey: Anybody using EclipseLink in Production?

My organization is evaluating EclipseLink. One of the question raise
during risk evaluation is if anybody already uses it and what was their
experience including how fast it is compared to previous version:
TopLink 9/10, TopLink Essential.

To start the survey, I'm providing our setup: 

Number of application: 1
Existing application: yes
Migrated from: TopLink 10.x
Stage: early evaluation, only smoke tested
Application Server: WebSphere 6.1
Hardware: Sun Unix, 4 boxes, 1 JVM each
Database: Oracle 10
Use ORM: Yes
Use XML-Java support: Yes
Number of mappings: 150
Use SessionBroker: yes, with two children session, pointing to 2
different DB schemas
Number of ORM EclipseLink projects (XML files): 3
Number of XML-Java projects: 3
Change propagation between servers: No
Invalidation propagation between servers: Yes
Propagation using RMI or JMS: JMS
Use OSGI: No
Use JPA Mapping: No
Use proprietary EclipseLink API: Yes
Call stored procedure: Yes
Use flush during UOW: No, but will
Use conform in unit of work: Yes
Use DB Sequence: Yes

Evaluation so far: 
- Easy to migrate session, mapping, and Java code
- WebSphere integration is not yet coded, so extraction of Oracle JDBC
connection that is needed by different EclipseLink mechanisms is not
- JMS invalidation support is still not compatible with J2EE
- SessionBroker is still broken
- Some bugs not existing with TopLink 10.x have been introduced
- Support on usage via users' forum is good
- Support on bug via developers' forum is minimal
- Realistic documentation of supported platform/setup is missing
- We still not have numbers about performance

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