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[eclipselink-users] how to handle data used by multiple applications

(alsp posted on toplink forums)


Many of our applications share the same data model. What should we use to make sure that, when we access some data, it is really up-to-date?

We used to work with a shared server session between multiple applications. It doesn't seem to be an easy thing on j2ee 5, nor did I see this anywhere in official toplink or eclipselink docs.

We could use cache coordination... but it seems that it is designed for use within a single application with multiple persistence units (as I found in the docs, see "when to use cache coordination").

Cache invalidation doesn't look sufficient to me (I could be wrong).

So, what is the recommanded way of solving this?

We are working for a university. Our applications manage students, curriculum, grades... Many times, different applications share some common data (e.g.: a course, student records, ...).

Yannick Majoros

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