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[eclipselink-users] Code clean up

At first I have to say: 
  Great work! EclipseLink team

I have a question about code clean up in EclipseLink 1.0.1 and future versions. 

a) There are some unnecessary allocations. For example:

*) trivial one like: new Boolean(true / false) can be replaced with Boolean.TRUE/FALSE
     - this can be changed in 1.0.1 without possibility introducing new bug to code
*) "new Integer(<primitive_int_value>).toString()" instead of Integer.toString(<primitive_int_value>)

*) is it possible to use Short/Byte/Character.valueOf(<primitive_value>) - some of Object values +-127 are cached

b) Please run FindBugs (, code coverage tool or similar software on eclipse link
   - it is standard for our company to test every library before we use it

*) there is one infinite loop method that call itself only (maybe not used at all)
*) some threading issues...

We are forced to run our applications with relatively low memory systems with huge amount of data and we want to eliminate garbage collector work as much as possible.
  I know that there is very fast linear allocation heap for new Java objects...

We already use Entities with cloning (eliminating attribute copying with reflection), ReadOnly entities..., ScrollableCursor... That are more powerful optimizations than "stupid and trivial" ones that I suggested.

Our company need error free SW (it is software so it is almost impossible), stability, and performance.

  Thank you very much and keep your fingers crossed.


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