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[eclipselink-users] Cache Coordination using RMI in Toplink JPA


I was reading the below email thread.


We are working on getting the full documentation up but even when that is completed we'll still have work to do.

Here is the documentation on RMI Cache Coordination: The bulk of this focuses on Workbench usage.

I will assume since you are coming from TopLink Essentials that you are looking for the JPA centric configuration approach using persistence.xml properties and annotations.

The JPA documentation can be found at:

But at present is not complete. I would recommend looking at the Oracle TopLink JPA extensions doc and translating it for usage with EclipseLink:

You will need to use @Cache to configure the coordination type on each entity. To configure the actual RMI coordination I would recommend using a sessions.xml which the extensions document describes how to link in.

I am working on a small example to illustrate the various pieces.


I am trying to do the same.  I am using Toplink JPA  Would it be possible if you could let me know the details as far as @Cache configuration and the entries in persistence.xml and sessions.xml.  I did not know that I can still use sessions.xml in Toplink JPA.



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