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[eclipselink-users] Sequence generator - as a service

Might be a silly/hard to understand question...

How would I use EclipseLink as a means to implement sequence block
pattern? What I want to do is this:

a. Remote client (Flex) calls Java service do so work, amongst others it
   passes in an identifier (initially '0').

b. Java service uses 'sequence block' to obtain next unique identifier
   (not '0') when the passed in identifier is '0'. --> this would be
   the place where I would want to use EclipseLink <--

c. Java service performs requested work and returns the identifier, which
   might have been not '0' in the first place i.e. passed in at a.
   or initialized at b.

d. Remote client (Flex) continues to call a. as long as there is work to
   be done. If everything is completed continues with e.

e. Remote client (Flex) calls into (another) Java service to 'finalize' the
   operation. It passes in the not '0' identifier and other stuff.

f. Java service uses not '0' identifier as the primary key (@Id) via
   setId() of a record to be created.

Now, let us first wait and see who understands what I'm trying to do here ;-)


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