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Re: [eclipselink-users] [MOXy] xml choice object mapping incompatible with preserve document option?

Hi Matt,

Ah, ok.  So I am not crazy.  :)  


Matt MacIvor wrote:
> Hi Polly,
> This is a known issue with the choice mappings. Currently the document 
> preservation functionality is dependent (at least for marshalling) on 
> the DOMPlatform, and the choice mappings aren't currently supported with 
> the DOM platform. There's a bug tracking this issue already which you 
> can view here: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=223907
> -Matt
> amphoras wrote:
>>I am trying to use XML Choice Mapping to map a hierarchy of objects.  I
>>that when I turn on the "preserve document" option, this mapping fails. 
>>soon as I turn off the "preserve document" option, this mapping works
>>Is this a bug or are they incompatible for some reason?  Or is it because
>>the XML Any Collection Mapping that is also under the same element that is
>>Here is my XML for configuring the choice mapping.  Please let me know if
>>it's wrong, because the workbench does not generate this kind of mapping,
>>I figured out the format by browsing the source code and hacking the
>>until it worked.
>>            <attribute-mapping xsi:type="xml-choice-object-mapping">
>>               <attribute-name>action</attribute-name>
>>               <field-to-class-association>
>>                  <xml-field name="DataArea/A" xsi:type="node" />
>>                  <class-name>com.foo.A</class-name>
>>               </field-to-class-association>
>>               <field-to-class-association>
>>                  <xml-field name="DataArea/B" xsi:type="node" />
>>                  <class-name>com.foo.B</class-name>
>>               </field-to-class-association>
>>               <field-to-class-association>
>>                  <xml-field name="DataArea/C" xsi:type="node" />
>>                  <class-name>com.foo.C</class-name>
>>               </field-to-class-association>
>>               ...
>>            </attribute-mapping>
>>Here's the any collection:
>>            <attribute-mapping xsi:type="xml-any-collection-mapping">
>>               <attribute-name>stuff</attribute-name>
>>               <field name="DataArea/" xsi:type="node"/>
>>               <container xsi:type="list-container-policy">
>>                  <collection-type>java.util.Vector</collection-type>
>>               </container>
>>            </attribute-mapping>
>>         </attribute-mappings>
>>          ...
>>         <should-preserve-document>true</should-preserve-document>
>>Any insight would be greatly appreciated!
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