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Re: [eclipselink-users] Object Version in Eclipse Link

I have another question

Say for example there is table code with following column

Code StartDate   EndDate (dd/mm/yyyy)
1       1/1/2008  5/1/2008
2       3/1/2008  9/1/2008
3       4/5/2008  7/5/2008

Business RUle
 1. Insert the code based on non-overlapping time intervals
 2.There will bulk inserts (say in the order of few millons)

  As a result code 1,3 are fine, code 3 should generate the error message :-
Not valid time interval

Suggest some optimized way to perform this.

Eagerly awaiting reply

Gaurav Malhotra wrote:
> Aim:- To provide object versioning. Each table in the schema contain a
> column called ObjectVersion
> What is an equivalent of in eclipse link?

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