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Re: [eclipselink-users] JPA Eclipse Plugins vs JDev Toplink

See section 3.7 in the Dali User Guide -

You could upgrade to Dali 2.0 (in WTP 3.0), available here - or via the Update Manager, but this functionality is also available in 1.0.2.

What type of problem did you run into?  Also, feel free to take this discussion to the Dali newsgroups.


Gaurav Malhotra wrote:
My Aim:- Generate the initial entity from the DB schema

I have been using eclipse for so long almost 6 year know. (IDE of my first

I tried DALI to generate the entity classes but I was not successful. That
is the reason, I used JDev

[I am using Dali Java Persistence API (JPA) Tools v 1.0.2]

Could you please point me to the tutorial, which tells how to reverse
engineer/generate entity from the db schema? Or I am using the wrong

I will really appreciate any pointers in this regard.


Frans Thamura-2 wrote:
hi there

we know that eclipselink now 1.0 and we know there is JPA Plugins in
Eclipse part of WTP

and we also know the cool click and drag toplink feature in JDev

anyone can share, is the eclipselink 1.0 feature mapped 100% in JPA
Plugins for Eclipse (WTP)

and will the JDev feature inside this WTP?

Frans Thamura
Meruvian Foundation

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