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[eclipselink-users] sessions.xml for weblogic-10-platform


In using EclipseLink 1.0, workbench allows me to create a sessions.xml file with <server-platform xsi:type="weblogic-10-platform"> that does not yet appear to be supported by the EclipseLink 1.0 runtime. The xsds that are included with the 1.0 download only know about weblogic-81-platform and earlier, which a runtime error tells me is no longer supported. Dropping back to custom-platform works okay for most mappings but does not work for JGeometry mappings due to WebLogic dynamically inserting it's own STRUCT type and causing a ClassCastException for the JGeometryConverter provided by EclipseLink.

I did not see any bugs listed that might suggest a work around. Is there a way to cause the runtime to use the weblogic-10-platform so as to benefit from the EclipseLink's JGeometryConverter?

Thank you for any suggestions that this list might provide.

-Alan Strait

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