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RE: [eclipselink-users] ObjectChangeSet old value

Hi Tim,

> Mathias, I believe this was brought up on the mailing list before see:

I saw this posted. But in my situation, I don't have access to the old
properties anymore (because the entity is stored in a conversion scope of my
webapp and any html form changes are performed transparently by the web
framework). That's why I used getUnitOfWorkChangeSet.

EclipseLink must know the previous values to compute the object change set.
Now I want to know how I can access these previous values or the old entity

Neither em.merge(entity) nor uow.getOriginalVersionOfObject() return the old

BTW: In your posted solution, the ObjectChangeSet does not return the old
value too.

Even if I can get the old object, I don't know how to access the attributes
listed in ObjectChangeSet.getChangedAttributeNames(). How did you do that?
Did you use the reflection API?

Kind regards,

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