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Re: [eclipselink-users] Are there any sample apps...


Well I suppose I like to keep things simple, or rather get the system to

do as much of the work for me as possible, and then glue together

that with a little business logic to build an application.

My current applications are thick client JPA applications. I was originally

put off JPA by the need to have separate XML and java code, but now

annotations have got rid of mode of the duplication (and risk that I

update something in one place and not the other). But then I saw the

annotations and so I started to work first with OpenJPA.

While building my prototype application I found that I was for ever

writing code that took some entity beans that I had updated on the

client, copying them back to the server, and updating them on the

server using JPA on the server. So I tried writing some common code, and

came up with something that was rather like the Remote Session. It actually

did not do all of the RemoteSession (the queries were still done by the

EJB so enforce access controls) but it did the object cache and

persistence bits (and I did provide a place where all the objects

being written/updated/deleted could be checked by the EJB to enforce

access controls). The advantage of doing it this way was that I only

had one access model, its was always the JPA cache API which keeps

it simple for me. Although there were a few wrinkles left to flatten it

basically works.

Then you announced EclipseLink 1.0 and I knew that Eclipselink was

going to be the basis for JPA 2.0, so I thought I should have a look

around in the docs to see how easily I could migrate from OpenJPA

to Eclipselink and I came across the RemoteSession and I thought -

I recognise this, its a properly implemented version of what I have

been reinventing. Hence my interest.

In short I want to maintain the JPA cache approach everywhere as it

fits in nicely with my existing code and is well defined and simple, while

retaining access control over the client code at the server.

I hope that explains at least some of my thinking, but I am more than

happy to expand on any points.


On Tuesday 15 July 2008, DOUGLAS.CLARKE@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> David,


> We do not illustrate the use of the remote session very much as it is a

> very fringe piece of functionality. I would like to better understand where

> it is being used effectively or where developers feel it will solve a

> problem.


> As a project we need to either invest more in improving the usability of

> this functionality (examples and functional enhancements) or eventually

> deprecate it and remove it from the project.


> Can you provide more information on the challenge you are trying to address

> with remote sessions?


> Doug


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> using the Remote Session facility. I am looking for source code and

> any setup info.


> David

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