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Re: [eclipselink-users] cacheQueryResults in JPA ?

Thanks for the help James,
I filed a bug for this issue,

James Sutherland skrev:
There is not currently a JPA query hint to do this (feel free to log a bug to
get this added), so you need to use a SessionCustomizer to customize the JPA
query using Java code.  You should be able to get any JPA named query from
the EclipseLink Session's named queries, and call cacheQueryResults() on it.

Gustav Trede-2 wrote:

Im trying to enable query result set caching, but i fail to understand how to do it in JPA .

ELUG example is:
ReadObjectQuery query = new ReadObjectQuery(SurveillanceCompany.class);
SurveillanceCompany sc = (SurveillanceCompany) session.executeQuery(query);

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