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[eclipselink-users] M9 osgi problems

I upgraded to 3.4 (yay!) and M9 today, and am having problems with the
PersistenceProvider changes, the constructor now takes a String

I'm creating my EMF like this (This is in a seperate bundle from my
persistence unit):
EntityManagerFactory emf = new

However when it starts I get this exception:

Exception Description: An attempt has been made to use PersistenceUnit
[com.redacted.plugin.dataeng.ipdata.persist], but no bundle is
available that defines that persistence unit.

I've tried passing Activator.getClass().getName(), plugin_id of the
bundle, and the pu name as initialilzerClassName and I get the same

Any ideas? Like I said this method worked great up until M9.

As an aside, is there a reason the M9 incubation jar's don't have any
source or javadoc in them anymore? Makes it tricky to debug :)


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