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Re: [eclipselink-users] Object: null is not a known entity type


For your information, I am currently member of an active project (only 2 developpers) on namd SimDB :

The project main concept consist in generating code representations from any generic UML model (saved as XMI 2.1 in MagicDrawUML Community Edition 12.1).

For now, this project uses XMI / XSLT / Jpa EclipseLink provider 1.0-M8 and JAXB 2.1 (2.1.6 ref).
The transformer tool handles any Data Model (in xmi uml serialization) to translate it to other documents :
    - XML schemas (xsd) : one schema for each uml package + DM_root.xsd (base elements)

    - documentation (html in ivoa format)
    - java formatted code (JPA / JAXB compliant) + javadoc + jalopy formatter + unit tests (XML unmarshalling -> Java Object graph -> Jpa persist() -> Jpa reload() -> XML marshalling) :
    - DDL script (microsoft sql server / postgresql databases / oracle soon ?) as SQL scripts
    - TAP VOTABLEs (ivoa )

This project will soon be split off to to be totally independent with the UML Data Model ...

You can maybe find some interesting things : xsd generation, meta model introspection, toString() & equals() methods ...

Comments are welcome,

Laurent Bourgès

 Laurent Bourgès, IT engineer
 EURO-VO-DCA Project
 LUTh, Observatoire de Paris-Meudon

 Email: bourges.laurent@xxxxxxxxx

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