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Re: [eclipselink-users] MOXy: Marshalling with no namespace prefix?

Hi Matt,

That's great news!  Can you point me to the bug so I can watch for it?

Thanks for your quick response.


Matt MacIvor wrote:
> Hi Polly,
> EclipseLink doesn't currently support the default namespace for 
> marshalling. We require a prefix for any namespace that's used. However, 
> there is already a work item to add support for this, so it will be 
> coming in the near future.
> -Matt
>>I have read the documentation about namespace resolution many times now
>>but I am still unsure of how to do what I want to do.  Please bear with me
>>if this is a stupid question.
>>My schema is defined like this:
>><xsd:schema xmlns:xsd="";
>>	xmlns="";
>>	targetNamespace="";
>>	attributeFormDefault="unqualified">
>>My document is like this:
>><Address xmlns=''
>>  xmlns:xsi=''
>>xsi:schemaLocation='...' >
>>    <LineOne>101 Main Street</LineOne>
>>    <LineTwo>Apt 514</LineTwo>
>>    <City>Malibu</City>
>>    <State>CA</State>
>>    <Country>USA</Country>
>>    <PostalCode>90914-2938</PostalCode>
>>It appears that when unmarshalling the document, EclipseLink searches for
>>entry in the XMLContext that contains both the namespace and the element
>>name.  So to tell EclipseLink the association between the namespace URL
>>the element, I found through trial and error to configure EclipseLink
>>these options:
>> Namespace URL 	                   Prefix 	 Declare
>> 	ns1 	      true
>>Then my document unmarshalls correctly and everything's great!
>>Unfortunately, I found that when I marshall the object back out, all the
>>elements have the namespace prefix, like "ns1:Address".   The
>>regarding the Prefix field says:
>>"When the EclipseLink runtime marshalls (writes) an object to an XML
>>document, it uses the namespace prefixes you specify here."
>>But what if I don't want to use the prefix?  We defined the target
>>so that our documents do not have to use the prefix and can be cleaner. 
>>there a way to configure things so that marshalling does not use the
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