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Re: [eclipselink-users] committing / rollback question + entitymanager

My guess would be that you have configured EclipseLink with a JTA DataSource,
but the DataSource that you are using is not JTA.

Otherwise something very odd is occurring.   Perhaps include your
persistence.xml, and enable logging on finest to see when your transaction
is begun/committed, it seems your connection is somehow being left in
auto-commit mode, or perhaps your database does not support transactions.

Leon Derks-2 wrote:
> Hello
> I have a problem with the rollback of my transaction. For some reason 
> the entities are saved in the db while the transaction has not committed.
> These are the steps:
> try{
>     logger.debug(" Starting a transaction");
>     entityManager.getTransaction().begin();
>             //here do some entityManager.persist(entities);
>            //then throw a runtime exception to fake an exception.
>      logger.debug("Committing the transaction");
>      entityManager.getTransaction().commit();
> catch(Exception e) {
>     logger.error(e);
> }
> finally {
>      if (entityManager != null && 
> entityManager.getTransaction().isActive()) {
>                 logger.debug("Rolling back the transaction");
>                 entityManager.getTransaction().rollback();
> }
> This is my logging info:
> Starting a transaction
>         exception stacktrace...........
> Rolling back the transaction
> As you can see the transaction is not committed but rolled back. However 
> there are entities in my db.
> How is this possible?
> Leon

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